Sunday, 15 April 2012

The Scholar, Canberra

Yum Cha is a family get-together meal and today was no exception.  We arrived around 1pm, and waited ~15mins before being seated.  As we start ordering, I noticed how few carts were going around.  And for those that did come by, it was the same one that had passed earlier.  We order the regular staple dishes - Har Gaw (Prawn Dumplings), Siu Mai, BBQ Pork buns, chicken feet plus a few others.  However in comparison to other Yum Cha places, the variety was terrible!  It became so bad we had to order two plates of noodles, since there was literally nothing to eat.

We had the Combination Chow Mein (with soft noodle) and the Sliced-Pork Rice Noodles.  Noodles took a little while before it came, but when it did, they were pretty tasty.  The waitress that served us could not understand what we were trying to order, and her manager did not seem to care either, when she tried to flag him down to help.   Dessert-wise - there was no dessert cart :)  You would have been lucky to get egg tarts, but no sesame balls or other items, at least not in the ~2 hours we were there.

On a positive note, the venue has been updated a little (its located upstairs where New Shanghai used to be) and each chair had nice seat coverings, same as those used for a Chinese wedding banquet meal.  They also take reservations over the phone for lunch.  However, I wonder if we forgot to request that they reserve us some food? 

The Scholar
23 Woolley St,
Dickson, ACT
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