Tuesday, 3 July 2012

U E Restaurant, Cabramatta

Everyone know Cabramatta  is known for great Vietnamese food, but did they know that there a great Duck Noodle Soup at U E Restaurant?
U E is located on John St, but you would never know it unless:  1) You saw the sign hanging above the ally, or 2) Someone local took you there.  U E is literally hidden at the back of a long, narrow, dark and dingy alley-way - but don’t let that deter you!
We can here specifically for the Duck Egg Noodle Soup.  Our food arrived pretty quickly after we ordered, and we were presented with a huge bowl of egg noodles, topped with nearly a ¼ duck thigh and leg.  The meat of the duck is marinated with a variety of Asian spices, and was so tender that it fell off the bone as we dug into our bowls.  There was also a generous serving of bean sprouts, and vegetables (Tong Ho?) and lemons.
Duck Egg Noodle Soup ($14)

If you’re in the area, UE is definitely worth coming to.  Can be hard to find and a little scary to wondering down the alley, but once you taste the Duck Noodle soup, all of that will be forgotten :)


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