Friday, 17 February 2012

Thai Pothong, Newtown - Sydney

Been craving GOOD Thai for a long time so went to Newtown since I hear that this is the hip new place for good food :)

We were promptly seated at our table since we had made reservations, and luckily so since the restaurant was pretty full for a Friday night. 

We started with one of the "chef specials' appetiser - the Miaig Gooig, which is a prawn covered with coconut, chili jam, fried onions, all on top of a betel leaf.  It was simply amazing, and the by far the BEST dish of the night!  Super light in texture, with complex flavours due to the combination of the raw leaf, together the sweet chili of the sauce with the prawn, and the added crunch of the fried onion and cashew nut.  I could eat this all night :)
MIAIG GOOIG ($13.95)
Roasted Coconut | Prawns | Sweet Chilli Jam | Lemon | Cashew Nuts | Onion | Caviar | Served on a Betel Leaf

For the mains, we chose the Hor Mok Talay, which is a selection of mixed seafood (prawns, scallops, calamari) combined with creamy steamed fish.  It is served in foiled and lit with flames as it approaches the table.  I love seafood so this was a great dish, however it may be a little bland in flavour to some, since everything is steamed and may even taste a little watery at times.

- $26.95Combination of Seafood | Curry Sauce | Flambé

Since we came to a Thai restaurant, we definitely had to try a curry dish!  We chose the Massaman Lamb curry which came with very big chucks of lamb.  I felt the pieces were a little too big, making it hard for the curry to blend and marinate into the meat.  However, the sauce was really very good - deep curry flavours at the right texture and consistency.
- $19.95

This restaurant is probably the nicest/fanciest Thai restaurant I've been to so far - white table clothes, big chairs, attentive and quick wait-staff.  It even has a jewelry store at the front, which you get a discount on after you finish your meal!  Highly recommended Thai - the appetiser is a MUST have!

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