Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Bambini Trust Wine & Bar, CBD

Came here on a weeknight and was surprised to see how packed this restaurant was!  Nearly all the tables were full and we were lucky to even get a tiny table which was jammed near the front of the walk-away.

We weren't going to miss this chance so we squeezed in quickly and got seated.  The waiter was friendly though a little distracted with addressing and chatting with patrons...it seems there might be quite a few regulars here.  From this first impression, was slightly curious on quality of food this place serves.

We were offered bread rolls after we placed our order - something that I was used to in the US but less here in Sydney.  Shared the large Prawn appetiser (daily special) which was quite tasty and well seasoned.  Then moved onto the Cone Bay Barramundi.  The fish was pan-fried with a crispy skin - my favourite part.  It sat on a bed of puree and accompanied with mushrooms and spinach.  It was quite a light, delightful dish, and very satisfying.

CONE BAY BARRAMUNDI with Cauliflower Puree, mushrooms, spinach & Horseradish Vinaigrette (~$36)
Interior of the restaurant is dark and swanky, but in an old-fashioned sort of way.  It almost has a musky feel as you entering into it's mysterious, hidden location.  Definitely book in advance to avoid missing a spot, since I'm sure its a favourite with work crowds looking to impress their clients.

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