Monday, 9 April 2012

Lynn Shanghai, CBD

Been meaning to come to Lynn Shanghai for a while, so glad that I finally got a chance to make it here tonight. It had been pouring outside so we nearly missed the front door as we were rushing to get out of the rain. 

Lynn Shanghai is located inside the The Castlereagh Club.  Enter through the revolving doors of the club and continue straight through to enter the double doors of the restaurant.  We were immediately greeted by staff and taken to our seats.  Interior of the restaurant is modern, filled with red and black colour schemes.  A small glass flower ornament with a tea light candle was stationed at each table, creating a warm setting.  The waitress provides you an ordering form to fill our your selections - make sure to choose the right items so to avoid any surprises when the dishes come (as we experienced during our meal that night!)

We started off with the Shanghai Style Hot and Sour Soup, asking for it in "Mild" spiciness.  I found the staff were quite accommodating on removing/reducing spices, so just ask them based on your preference.  Although our soup was 'mild', it was actually still quite spicy - could have been the amount of black pepper added instead of hot chili oil.  Nonetheless, it was quite enjoyable.  Soup was filled with plenty of chicken strips, tofu, black mushroom fungus, and the portion was LARGE in size!  Easily 4 small bowls, which is perfect for sharing.

Shanghai Style Hot and Sour Soup ($7.80)

Next was the Shredded chicken with Bean Jelly in Peanut sauce (Cold Plate).  Again, we asked for it without Chili Oil, which usually is drizzled over the top.  The Bean Jelly noodles were chewy, with a bouncy "QQ" texture.  Cold shredded chicken and cucumber were scattered on top of the noodles, all on top of the peanut sauce.  Flavours were good and did not feel too oily.
Shredded chicken with bean jelly in peanut sauce ($8.80)

Then we moved onto the Sautéed Diced Fish with Corn and Peas, sprinkled with Pine Nuts.  This was my favourite dish!  Apparently this was on the "Chef Specials" menu, so it may be a seasonal item.  Fish was diced and mixed with assorted vegetables and topped with pine nuts.  Was not drenched in sauce, and I liked it was light and not oily at all.  

Sautéed Diced Fish with Corn and Peas, sprinkled with Pine Nuts (~$16.50)

Had to finish the meal with some dessert :)  Choose the Steamed Pumpkin Pastry Dumpling filled with lotus paste.  The glutinous rice pumpkin exterior was soft and chewy, and the lotus filling inside was not too sweet.  Did not particularly "wow" me, but it was good enough to feel satisfied.
Steamed Pumpkin Pastry Dumpling filled with lotus paste ($5.90)
Lynn Shanghai Cuisine
199 Castlereagh Street Sydney NSW 2000

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